DHS Update

Dear Parents,


Whether you are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or none of the above social media is all around us, impacts how we communicate, and, if used improperly, can create problems for the users and unnecessary concerns for the viewers.  I would like to share with you an example of how a social media post created such concerns for some in our community this weekend.


Late Sunday afternoon/early evening, a staff member was made aware of a social media post that used an inappropriate portion of a song that was popular a few years back titled “Pumped Up Kicks”. The student included a hashtag “seeyouMonday”.   


Upon learning of this posting, staff members from Dearborn High, including myself, began working on identifying the student. We also contacted Central Office staff and the Dearborn Police Department. We worked closely with the police as they investigated the post to determine if this was merely a bad joke or posed any credible threat to our school.  


Once the student was identified I spoke with one of the parents several times on Sunday evening. In addition, Dearborn Police visited the home to talk with the student and parent.  The Dearborn Police felt the post was not done to be threatening and during my conversations with the parent at no point did I believe that any person, including students and staff at Dearborn High, was ever in danger.


I did ask the parent and student to meet with me on Monday morning along with the our School Resource Officer, Corporal Hanson. Both the parent and student were extremely cooperative and honest with what happened and the result of that interview confirmed the conclusions from Sunday, that the student made a poor decision but at no point was anyone ever in any danger.


We continued our investigation throughout the day today, speaking with additional students who had viewed the post and they confirmed the findings of our investigation.


In a day and age where we expect information delivered to us within minutes there are some situations when it is necessary to be absolutely thorough in our work and must make sure we have all facts before reporting out.  This is the reason we are sharing this information with you at this point.  I can assure you that if our school was in any type of danger the appropriate steps would have been taken to work with Dearborn Police and inform our community.  


As mentioned, what occurred over the weekend is an example of someone using extremely poor judgement and making a poor decision when posting to social media. I would like to encourage you to use this as a teaching moment for your children about the wide audience that their social media accounts have and the responsibility they should show when posting things online.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I will do my best to answer your questions while respecting the anonymity of the student in question.


Thank You


Mr. Adam Martin