Week 8 – Parent Teacher Conferences

Hello Parents,

As a reminder, this week on Monday and Wednesday, you’ll have the opportunity to meet your children’s teachers and get their report cards. Please plan on attending our fall Parent-Teacher conferences from 4-7 pm on both October 30th and November 1st. Teachers are looking forward to sharing all the great things that your students are doing.

Also, if you open this flyer, counselors are running a Financial Aid night for parents of seniors from 5:30-6:30 in the media center. They will help you learn about the free application for student aid and get you started on completing that for your student.

On Thursday, come to the boundary line discussion forum at DHS, more information is here: http://iblog.dearbornschools.org/hsboundary/community-forum-schedule/

I appreciate everyone’s feedback and support in regards to the bathroom incident on Thursday. Use this as a reason to talk with your kids about how to respond if at any point they see or hear something that could be harmful to others.


Mr. Martin

  • 10/30 & 11/1 Parent Teacher Conferences 4-7 pm

  • 11/2 Community Boundary Forum 6:30 pm

  • 11/7 No School Election Day/Teacher Professional Development