DHS Traffic Reminders



As the roads are getting worse and the sun less, I want to remind you of a few items to help ensure our 2,000 students coming and going are all safe everyday.



  1. Students should NEVER exit a vehicle from Outer Drive.
  2. If you are dropping a student in the circle drive in front of the school, please drop at the 2nd door (northern) near the attendance office.
  3. Please pull as far forward (north) as possible at all times when in the circle drive.
  4. There is NO PARKING in the circle drive during arrival 7:00-7:30 and dismissal 2:00-2:30.
  5. At dismissal, keep the center lane open for vehicles to pass through in the circle drive. Use Fordson St. as an alternate staging area.
  6. Feel free to access York St. to either drop off/pick up your student. You can access York St. off of Marshall from Outer Drive.
  7. Pay attention to bus lanes and ensure that busses are not prevented from dropping or picking up students.
  8. Use extreme caution when driving near or around the school. Pay close attention to other cars and students before you begin moving.



Mr. Martin