Important School Safety Message

Greeting Parents,


Given the heightened awareness of school safety and the importance of maintaining an open dialogue with our community I would like to take a moment to share with you information that was brought to our attention this morning.


Early this morning, information was shared with the Dearborn Police regarding a threatening post on social media that used the letters “DHS”.  Police immediately began their investigation to confirm the credibility of this message and to determine the source. All of this was occurring just moments before students began arriving at school and therefore several additional officers arrived at Dearborn High to ensure the safety of the school.  Fortunately, within a short time it was determined that the post on social media was over a week old, did not originate in Michigan, and the “DHS” mentioned in the post had nothing to do with Dearborn High. Authorities in the state where the post occurred had addressed the concern with the person involved in making the post.


Today’s event demonstrated several important elements to providing long term safety at our school. First, the social media post provided to Dearborn Police showed how important it is for students, parents, and community members to share information with authorities so that a proper investigation can be carried out. Second, we are so very fortunate to have built a strong partnership with the Dearborn Police and the School Resource Officers in our buildings. Their swift actions, to ensure the safety of the school, as the investigation was on-going reinforced our proactive approach to school safety.  Finally, although it is vitally important to follow through on all information provided to us,  it is just as important that we do not create more panic by sharing inaccurate information before all the facts are known.


One the most effective methods for keeping our schools safe is building strong relationships with our students, parents and community members. Keeping an on-going, two way communication is key to building those relationships. By continuing to work together Dearborn High will continue to be a safe place for our all staff and students.


Thank You,

Mr. Martin