Soccer Game Incident

Greetings Dearborn High Community,


It’s ironic that, on the morning of one of the biggest rivalry games in college sports, I write to you about an incident that occurred at one of the biggest rivalry games in our city.


On Thursday, October 18 during a soccer game between Dearborn High and Fordson, a spectator/parent acted in a disruptive manner and used inappropriate language toward players, referees, and other spectators.  It is very unfortunate that this one person cheapened what was a very spirited and well played athletic competition between our two schools.


Initially, when we were made aware that there was a disturbance, school administration and the school resource officer immediately responded and monitored the situation. After a thorough investigation Friday morning school administration, along with Dearborn Police, immediately took appropriate and legal action to address the individual who made the comments.


Athletic competition is an important part of many students educational experience and can teach valuable lessons about teamwork, overcoming obstacles, and building character. It is unfortunate when “fans” lose sight of this and forget that the athletes on the field are 15, 16, or 17 year old students. It is the expectation of the Dearborn Public Schools that students, parents and community members act in an appropriate manner when attending sporting or other school related events. Click here for a link to the Dearborn Public Schools Core Values.   In addition, click her for a link to the Athletic Code of Conduct that applies to coaches, athletes and spectators.


Of course this incident has taken on a life of its own on social media with all types of comments and speculation.  I want to once again assure our community that swift action was taken to address this situation and the one individual does not reflect the true morals, values, and character that can be found not only at Dearborn High, but throughout our entire community.


We can choose to let the actions of one improper individual drive the conversation and attitudes in our community or we can choose to focus on the many positive actions and behaviors of our students, staff, parents, and community members that truly reflect the values of Dearborn High and the entire Dearborn Public Schools.




Adam Martin