Incident at DHS

Good evening,

As many of you may have heard or seen on social media, we had an unfortunate situation occur at Dearborn High School after dismissal this afternoon.

After a parking lot disagreement, a parent who was picking up their child and two of our students who were leaving school, became involved in a conflict that resulted in us needing assistance from the Dearborn Police and EMS. Fortunately, two police officers who were helping with traffic control during dismissal were able to quickly assist and de-escalate the conflict.  During the conflict, the father and one of the students were injured but none of them seriously.

Traffic around schools at pick-up and drop-off can be hectic. Many of you have experienced this first hand here at Dearborn High. I’m glad to share news that the District has been working with city and county officials to possibly make changes along Outer Drive that will enhance the safety around our school. In addition, work will begin this summer on school property that will help with the flow of traffic in our parking lot and hopefully prevent any future accidents or disagreements.


Mr. Martin