Dearborn High School

Fire Alarm – Evacuation

Hello Pioneer Community, 

I would like to take a moment to share information with you regarding the reason we had to evacuate our building today. 

At approximately 9:30am the fire alarm was activated due to some activity with the HVAC system. The Dearborn Fire Department arrived at our school in a matter of only a few minutes. They inspected the building and gave the “All Clear” around 9:55am. Students returned to the building and their classrooms.

Fortunately there was no fire in the building and no one was injured. The students did a fantastic job leaving the building and following directions as they made their way outside and waited while the admin team and fire department investigated to ensure the building was safe for students to return.  I also want to commend our incredible staff at Dearborn High for following all safety protocols and for their professionalism during this evacuation.  

As mentioned, this was a minor incident that posed no real threat of danger to our staff or students. However, it is important to point out that conducting fire drills throughout the year allows us to be prepared for any emergency situation no matter how small. 

Thank you for your continuous support of Dearborn High. 

Principal Jebril