Dearborn High School




Top 5 Places to Find Scholarships:

  1.  The College You Plan to Attend – use college websites to find merit based and/or need based scholarships
  2.  High School – this website & bulletin board in cafeteria; check both weekly
  3. Community Organizations – i.e. Elks, Boy Scouts, church, 4H, etc
  4. Employers – yours or your parents may offer scholarship opportunities
  5. FREE Online Scholarship Searches – links above for FASTWEB and Career Cruising

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Strategies for Students Too Rich for Financial Aid and Too Poor for College

Source:  US News & World Report July 2016

Winning a Scholarship – Best Practices

Making the Most of Your Scholarship Search

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to help you with your scholarship search!

Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan Scholarships – Due February 15, 2022
Students pursuing Manufacturing or Engineering Scholarships – Varying due dates – closing date Feb 1, 2022 – VARIOUS scholarships – various due dates
Natural Talent Cosmetology Scholarship – Douglas J Aveda Institute – Due Dec. 1, 2021
Equitable Excellence Scholarship Due December 17, 2021
National Association of Federal Education Program Administrators Scholarship – Due Jan 7, 2022
Bezos Scholar Program – Due January 7, 2022
Rhino Lawyers Scholarship – Due January 15, 2022
LAHC (Leaders Advocating and Helping Communities) Scholarship program Due November 1, 2021
Ave Maria Scholarship opportunities – varying due dates
U of M Club of Greater Detroit Scholarship – Due Feb 11, 2022
The Arab American Women’s Business Council Scholarship 2021 – due November 12
Horatio Alger Scholarships due varying due dates
The Hiesman High School Scholarship due October 19, 2021
The Cooke College Scholarship Program due November 18, 2021
Coca – Cola Scholars Foundation October 31, 2021
LAHC scholarship due November 1, 2021
Vindman Scholarship due May 31, 2021
Annual Prevounce Preventative Health Scholarship due October 15, 2021
Metro Detroit Youth Day Scholarship due May 28, 2021
BigSun Scholarship due June 19, 2021
“2021 Rollie Hopgood Future Teachers Scholarship Award” Due June 30, 2021
GradeMiners Scholarship Due August 1, 2021
Tau Alpha Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc due April 12, 2021
“Art of Healing” Scholarship 2021 due May 14, 2021
Ladies of the Islamic Center of America Scholarship due March 26, 2021
Western Michigan University MLK G.O.L.D. Scholarship due March 15, 2021
ICA Scholarship due April 11, 2021
Recreational Boating Industries Educational Foundation due May 1, 2021
Western Michigan University Scholarships due Feb 15, 2021
Schoolcraft Scholarships due March 31, 2021
EAA Chapter 113 Scholarship due March 31, 2021
The Donovan Xavier Baker Scholarship due April 30, 2021
Dearborn Education Foundation Scholarships due March 31, 2021
Abbott and Fenner Scholarship due June 12, 2021
Parkside Credit Union Scholarship due April 30, 2021
Bayou City Scholarship due July 29, 2021
Metro Bureau Scholarship due February 26, 2021
XPKC Scholarship due March 15, 2021
Society of Women Engineers Scholarship due March 1, 2021
Robert E. Leonard Jr. Scholarship due March 1, 2021
Ortorex scholarship due May 1, 2021 (must be 18 years + to apply)
Rosa Parks Scholarship due March 2, 2021
American Academy of Art Colleges due March 1, 2021
Inkster Alumnae Scholarship due February 15, 2021
AAA Safety Patrol Scholarship due to Ms. Berry by March 1, 2021. See DHS Counseling Senior Schoology page for details and application.
MASFPS Scholarship due January 11, 2021
Various scholarships, see link for more info, due dates vary
Adrian College Scholarship must apply by November 30, 2020
The Coolidge Scholarship due January 20, 2021 (for juniors only)
Rotary Club Scholarships Harry A. Sisson (only top 5 applicants will be submitted, due directly to Ms. Berry) by January 8, 2021.
Rotary Club Scholarships Hugh Archer, Past Presidents, and Otto Rowan -CTE programs) all due January 22, 2021
Certa Law Personal Injury Scholarship due Dec 15, 2020
Zivadream Scholarship due Nov 30, 2020
SaplingHR Scholarship due Nov 1, 2020
Wayne State Freshman Scholarships due dates vary
Western Michigan University Freshman Scholarships due dates vary
University of Michigan- Dearborn Freshman Scholarships due dates vary
Home Theorys Scholarship due dates vary 
Dirk and Derrick Car & Truck Accident Scholarship due December 15th (each year)
Discover Early Childhood Edu due dates vary
The American Legion Scholarships due dates vary
Scholarship Searching Webinar     provided by MI Student Aid featuring Sallie Mae