Dearborn High School


To contact a counselor, please email the counselor directly or call the counseling secretary.

CounselorContact InformationCaseload by Last Name
Michelle Dong
Counseling Secretary
Gharam Nasser
A to Alsh
Kassim Darwish
Alsi to D
Melinda Dakhlallah
E to I
Janice Fawaz
J to P
Michael Rashad
Q to Z
Laura Williams
8th/9th & 504


The Goal of Our Department

The goal of the counseling department is to help students develop to their fullest potential intellectually, emotionally and socially.  Students are counseled individually. In addition, counselors work closely with parents, administrators, teachers, and support staff.

Counselors help students gain the self-knowledge necessary to become independent and responsible decision-makers by assisting them in the following areas:  personal and crisis issues, career planning, college and financial aid guidance, academic planning and course selection, administration and interpretation of standardized tests and coordination of tutorial services.

We encourage you to call or make an appointment to see us if you have concerns, questions, suggestions or need information. We’re here to help!