Dearborn High School

School Improvement

Dearborn High School is committed to:
  • ensuring a welcoming environment.
  • communicating state standards and academic subjects.
  • posting academic and discipline standards.
  • allowing reasonable access to staff and ample opportunities to volunteer, participate, and observe in classrooms.
  • provide materials and training to help parents work with their children to improve academic achievement.
  • enabling parents to monitor academic progress via Parent Connect, progress reports, and cardmarking grades.
  • encouraging parental involvement in school activities through online communication, school advertisement, and home mailings.
  • sharing the DHS Parent Involvement Policy and the requirements of the Title I programs.
  • guaranteeing that information related to the school or parent programs, meetings, and other activities is sent to parents in an understandable and uniform format.
  • scheduling an annual meeting concerning Title I resources and activities.
  • providing staff with professional development that helps fortify the home/school partnership.
  • providing a liaison for parents with limited English and/or literacy skills.
In the classroom, DHS staff is committed to:
  • providing clear learning targets in student friendly language.
  • differentiating instruction so each student can improve their academic ability.
  • cultivating a growth mindset in students.
  • delivering extended learning time via tutoring, clubs, intervention classes, and extended day programs.
  • communicating with families using student planners, classroom blogs, Parent & Student Connect, daily announcements, phone blasts, and newsletters.
  • providing parent involvement opportunities such as math/literacy nights, parent education meetings, theater arts programs, and PFSA/Booster activities.








DHS School Improvement Goals
  1. All students will become proficient in content area literacy.
  2. All students will demonstrate increased proficiency in applying math knowledge, content, and application by problem solving across content areas.
  3. All students will demonstrate increased proficiency in applying science knowledge, content, and application by analytically solving problems.
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