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Student Financial Services Bureau offers funding options to Michigan students.

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Next Steps to College Planning

Making High School Count

“Whether you are just entering 9th grade of in the thick of your junior year, it’s never too early to begin thinking about college.  Find out how your academic record, extracurricular activities, and standardized test results impact the college admission process”  quoted from the Khan Academy.

Affording College in Michigan

Guidebook for Students and Parents.  This 18-page guidebook  includes the pre-planning and application information to help you understand how you can afford college in Michigan.

New Database!  Online College Programs

Compilation of every college program offered online in Michigan.

Checklist for Academic & Financial Preparation 

Various checklists for any student who is considering college (College Preparation Checklist, Do You Need $ for College, Funding Your Education).  They are all publications of the Federal Student Aid Office.

An accurate, comprehensive, and current resource of post-secondary educational institutions, including trade schools, colleges, and universities.   Whether a student wants to pursue a future in industries like health, skilled trades, and business, or even diving and flight training, can help them explore their options for post-secondary training and contact the school directly for more information.

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The 2019 LinkedIn Top Companies list reveals the 50 companies where Americans want to work – and stick around once they’re in – now.