Dearborn High School

Congratulations to our Vocal Music Students!

I am excited to share with all of you the tremendous success our Vocal Music Students had at MSVMA Solo and Ensemble Festival on Saturday, February 4 at Livonia Stevenson High School.

Dearborn High School sent a whopping 8 events to the festival.  We had 7 soloists and 1 ensemble.  ALL of our events received a 1st Division Rating (the highest) and performed beautifully!  

Students performed two pieces of music memorized and some of them sang in a foreign language. 

You can hear these fantastic students sing at our Festival Concert on Thursday, February 23 at 7 pm! 

Congratulations to the following students:

Julius Owens – Solo 1st Division

Charlotte Karoub – Solo 1st Division

Myiah Whitworth – Solo 1st Division

Elianna Quesada – Solo 1st Division

Savannah Capote – Solo 1st Division

Alyssa Galas – Solo 1st Division

Adam Makled – Solo 1st Division

Mariam Baiz, Alyssa Galas, Elianna Quesada, Abier Saad – Ensemble 1st Division