Dearborn High School

A Message from the Principal

Good Morning, 

Last night, a comment was being shared in a chat that some people took as a threatening message.  To be clear, the message made no mention of any violence or harm, only that they were going to “rock out” at school.  

Several students shared the message with Dearborn High and Central Office staff. The person who made the comment also reached out to the Dearborn High Principal to explain that the message was not meant as a threat only that the student and his friends were going to have a good day at school.  

The Principal at Dearborn High has spoken directly to the person involved and the parents. Dearborn Police were also contacted and have also reached out to the family.  

Again, there was no threat to the school and the person involved has been contacted. 

We want to thank the students who shared this information. We also want to caution those who may have further spread this message on social media and embellished the original comment.  Sharing with a trusted adult or parent is the proper action to take, reposting and resharing without having factual information only creates more concerns. 

Thank you

Principal Jebril