Dearborn High School

Lockdown Drill – Huge Success

Greetings Pioneers,

As you know, we had a lockdown drill this afternoon that included a few scenarios that were shared with staff and students in real time and without forewarning. This allowed teachers and students to practice the ALICE protocol that we have been trained to use in such situations. The Dearborn Police Department was involved in this training, as well as district administrators. Our teachers and students did an outstanding job making decisions at the spur of the moment. Some evacuated the building and some barricaded in their classrooms – based on the information we provided as far as the location of the “threat”. Dearborn Police Department was on the scene within minutes of being called. We had some staff members serve as “observers” and take notes so that we know our strengths and weaknesses. School Resource Officers joined us in this training. The admin team, police officers, district admin and the support staff who served as observers met after the training to debrief and discuss what went well and what we need to improve in future drills. On Friday, we will also debrief with teachers.

We pray that we never ever have to use this training, but we feel it’s important that all staff and students are equipped and gain confidence in making appropriate decisions in such situations.

Thanks to all staff and students for a job well done!

Principal Jebril