Dearborn High School

Week Ahead

Greetings Pioneers, 

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all of our teachers! Congratulations to all DHS teachers  who were nominated for the Teacher of the Year Award. Special Congratulations to Mike Schmitt for being recognized as Teacher of the Year and ensuring that a DHS teacher receives the award for the second year in a row! We appreciate all of our teachers. Make sure to drop your teachers a line of gratitude for their hard work and dedication. 

On another note, we are fortunate to be able to provide chromebooks for our students’ instructional use during the day, but that entails students being responsible and handling them with care. We are noticing a large number of students who are damaging the classroom chromebooks and we want to make students and parents aware that they will be responsible for the cost to repair any damaged device used. Please make sure to have a conversation with your student about respecting school property to avoid losing this privilege. 


Fundraiser for DHS Instrumental Music Department

Price: $25 per card and they never expire!

Pay with cash, check payable to BABC (“Schwartz” in the memo), or VenMo (@Erica-Yarza) and leave a note: “Schwartz’s Gift Cards”

Order by May 4 from any Instrumental Music Student or family, Mr. McCloskey, or online at this link:

Cards will be available starting May 8, just in time for Mother’s Day!

Questions: Contact Erica Yarza: or 313-613-0445.

Prom and senior party tickets will be sold all week before school and during all lunches. Prom will be June 1st and the senior party will be June 10th. Student ID is required to purchase tickets. 

As we head into the last week of April and the  weather gets warmer, families start to plan trips. We encourage families to create  memories and ask that you plan these trips according to the district’s  school calendar. Please be aware that students’ absences for family vacations does count towards audit. Our teachers work hard to ensure that every minute counts as our motto is “bell to bell instruction”. Your partnership and support are key to ensuring that your child doesn’t fall behind due to family vacations during school time. As always, we appreciate your support and encourage you to reach out with any questions or concerns. 


  • I am sharing links below that you may find useful for more information on our PFSA, Booster Club, and athletics
  • Final Exams semester 2 – June 13-15
  • Final Exams for seniors – semester 2- May 24th & 25th
  • Last day for seniors is May 25th
  • Honor’s Night is May 30th
  • Senior Prom – June 1st
  • Graduation will be June 10th
  • Senior Party – June 10th

Cap & Gown Ordering link   for our customized gown. Every student needs to purchase the new cap and gown this year.

If you have any questions, please contact Sales Representative – Jeff Hollandsworth or O: 734.284.2528 or C: 734.652.1325


Our week ahead looks like this:

Monday, May 1st 

  • Prom and Senior Party ticket sales – am & all lunches
  • Teachers Dept  Meeting @ 2:55pm

Tuesday, May 2nd

  • Prom and Senior Party ticket sales – am & all lunches
  • Key Club Bagel Sale – am 
  • Class of 2025 Sale – pm 
  • WDHS Smash Bash Ticket Sales @ Lunch

Wednesday, May 3rd

  • Prom and Senior Party ticket sales – am & all lunches
  • Animal Care Bagel Sale – am 
  • Active Minds Button Making – lunch 
  • Teacher Appreciate Note/gift (class of 2026) – lunch 
  • Spanish Club Candy Sale in cafe – pm
  • Discover Islam Sweets Sale – pm 
  • WDHS Smash Bash Ticket Sales @ Lunch
  • 9th Grade Orientation/Parent Night for Incoming 9th graders

Thursday, May 4th

  • Prom and Senior Party ticket sales – am & all lunches
  • Class of 2024 Sales –  pm 
  • Orphans Overseas  Donut Sale – am 
  • Orphans Overseas  Hoodie Sales @ Lunch
  • WDHS Smash Bash Ticket Sales @ Lunch

Friday, May 5th

  • Prom and Senior Party ticket sales – am & all lunches
  • Anti Bullying Club  Donut Sale – am 
  • WDHS Smash Bash Ticket Sales @ Lunch
  • Class of 2026 Sale – pm 


For information on DHS Athletics, please visit:

For the DHS Athletic Calendar, please visit:

For information on the PFSA, please visit:

For information on the Booster Club, please visit:

Instagram (@dhs booster club) and twitter (@dhs booster)

Have a wonderful week!

Principal Jebril