Dearborn High School

Week Ahead

Greetings Pioneers, 

We have had a great two weeks and are looking forward to our first full week! Teachers are spending time building relationships and teaching expectations so that students are fully aware of what is expected of them. In addition, our assistant principals have grade level expectations assemblies planned for students to reinforce and teach expected behaviors at DHS. This is part of our PBIS (Positive Behavioral  Interventions and  Supports). 

Please take time to review our DHS Student Handbook with your student as some of our policies have changed and are listed below. As well, please review the Student Code of Conduct

  • NO Cell Phones: During the school day, students are expected to place cell phones in the designated cell phone holder in each class – or keep them home. (This includes earbuds).  Students may use them during lunchtime. See attached cell phone policy -n the DHS Student Handbook
  • The doors off of the parking lot will be used for the morning arrival only. Students who are leaving due to dual enrollment classes or co-op must exit and enter through the main door. We will use the main entrance only to ensure the security of all doors. 
  • All co-op and dual enrollment students must leave the building during their allotted time. 
  • For parents who pick-up and drop-off their students, the driveway off of Outer Drive  is for buses only from 7:15-8:00 AM and 2:30-3:15 PM. Any parent dropping off or picking up their student should enter the parking lot entrance off of Outer Drive or drop off their student at the gymnasium entrance.  We also ask that everyone be patient to ensure the safety of all. We will constantly revisit our process to ensure that it is as smooth as possible. 
  • If you have a student driver, please speak to them about the importance of being safe and following all traffic laws especially in our student parking lot. The gym doors will only be open to enter/exit during morning and dismissal. All other times, students must enter/exit through the main entrance. 
  • For busing information, please call (313) 827-3300.
  • Dearborn High  School is a closed campus. No students are to leave Dearborn High School for lunch.
  • Audit reduces a student’s credit for a class from 0.5 credits to 0.25 credits for having 10 or more absences in a class. Tardies impact your attendance as well. Every four tardies are equivalent to one absence. If a student does not recover the credit by passing the class, including receiving a 78% or better on the cumulative final exam, the student must take the class in night school or summer school to regain their full credit. Summer school costs $350 a class and night school costs $175 a class.

Our first full week ahead is a busy one and looks like this: 

Monday, September 11th

  • Picture Day

Tuesday, September 12th

  • Expectations Assembly for 12th graders – 2nd hour
  • Expectations Assembly for 9th graders – 5th hour 

Wednesday, September 13th

  • Athletic Booster Club Meeting

Thursday, September 14th

  • Lockdown Drill 

Have a wonderful week! 

Principal Jebril