Dearborn High School

A Message From The Principal

October 2, 2023

Greetings Pioneers, 

Our Homecoming weekend started with a big win on Friday night for our football team and then a wonderful Homecoming dance on Saturday.  Unfortunately, a few students, some not even from our community, made poor decisions and let their tempers direct their actions after Saturday’s dance.  The altercation between a few young men unfortunately continued at our school on Monday.   

This morning, as students were arriving at school, a few students met in the parking lot at Dearborn High and engaged in a physical altercation. Security and Dearborn Police quickly resolved the situation and those involved were either suspended or arrested. An investigation has begun to gather all the facts related to Monday’s situation in the parking lot and, if needed, further disciplinary action will be taken.  This could also include further legal repercussions for those involved. There is never an excuse or reason to default to fighting to resolve an issue and we will not tolerate this type of behavior in or around our school. 

I want to assure our parents and the greater Pioneer community that this was an isolated incident, brought on by a few young men who wrongly let their emotions direct their actions. There is a great deal of pride at Dearborn High and we will not let this type of inappropriate behavior exist at our school.  The staff, students, and parents at Dearborn High work hard to create the very best school environment for all students. Let’s continue that work to ensure Dearborn High remains a great place to learn.  

Principal Jebril

Dearborn High School