Dearborn High School

Message from the Principal

Greetings Pioneers,

Today, after second hour, some of our students wanted to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people. Students peacefully walked
out of the building and gathered in front of the building.

As a school, we never encourage students to walk out during instructional time. However, we also want to
respect our students’ right to express themselves. Students who did not attend class(es) will be marked absent.

Our students were respectful, calm, and supportive of one another. They were outside of the building for
the third hour. Our administration and support staff were present outside with the students along with police presence. After
third period, students came back into the building and went to lunch or fourth hour.

Please be reassured that we take the safety of our students as high priority at Dearborn High School. We made sure
students assembled in a safe manner, had the Dearborn Police present, and several staff to support student

As a reminder to all students and families, we have our counselors and social workers at hand and
accessible to all students if they need social/emotional support in processing the events occurring in the
Middle East.

In addition, we have a comprehensive plan in place and are currently reviewing all safety measures.
Always feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.

Principal Jebril