Dearborn High School

Plan for Testing Day – Tomorrow (Thursday)

Dear Parents and Students,

Tomorrow February 15th, DHS will be conducting a school wide testing for the first half of the day. We will have a modified testing schedule from 7:50 until 11:20. We will be conducting WIDA testing, as well PSAT and SAT practice. Seniors who are not taking WIDA testing or SAT will participate in a career exploration program with Ms. Nasir at the auditorium. The students should have already checked the bulletin boards in the cafeteria and L-hall to find their testing location. 

As always, our goal for our students is for them to succeed. My hope is that you’ll join us in encouraging our students to do their best and focus on showing us all that they’ve learned. Make sure your child gets enough rest and is ready to do their best.

Please check the below adjusted schedule for the afternoon


Ms. Jebril


Dearborn High School

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