Dearborn High School

A Message to all Seniors

Greetings Seniors! 

Congratulations on reaching this point in your school career! Today marks an important milestone as you conclude your childhood chapter and begin adulthood. My hope for you is that you had an amazing high school experience, learned a lot, and built the foundation for strong lifelong friendships as well as scratched the tip of the iceberg in figuring out what your niche  in life. 

Today was the first of many celebrations we have to honor and celebrate you. Please click here for the mini schedule with all the important dates to remember. Senior Mini Schedule.  

Things to remember: 

  • First and foremost, BE SAFE 
  • Behavior matters – represent yourself, family and us – well; (you can still lose privileges such as senior party, prom, graduation, but more importantly represent yourself well )
  • Starting tomorrow, you are a visitor at DHS and can only come if you have an appointment with a staff member – must stop at the front desk and sign in 
  • Cannot come to the parking lot 
  • If invited to Honors Night, must attend rehearsal (only gowns are worn  for Honors Night – NO CAP)
  • Must wear the gown with orange stripes on the sleeve
  • Must have ID card and ticket to enter prom, no entry after 7 pm and cannot leave before 9pm
  • No airhorns, confetti cannon or noisemakers at any of our events
  • Valedictorian and Salutatorian will be contacted by me in the next day or two. (Both will speak at Honors Night) 
  • NHS induction will take place on June 4th @ 6pm 
  • An email came out for anyone interested in auditioning to speak at Commencement 
  • If you are planning on  attending commencement, you must attend rehearsal
  • Caps can be decorated (make sure it’s appropriate)
  • Only academic stoles/cords can be worn at honors night and graduation; this is your time to shine and not the time to make political statements; let the focus be on you your accomplishments:)
  • If you did not sign up to walkthrough your elementary and middle school, email Ms. AboulHosn 
  • CHECK YOUR EMAIL – that is the way I will be communicating with you 

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to counselor. 

Congratulations and enjoy the rest of your week. Please BE SAFE! 

Principal Jebril