Dearborn High School

Schedules & Back to School Registration

The good news is students don’t have to make a special trip to DHS to pick up their schedules this school year because they will be able to see them in Student Connect.

The bad news is that students won’t be able to see their schedules in Student Connect until parents or guardians complete the Back to School Registration and Emergency Form Update.

The good news is parents and guardians do not have to fill out paper forms this year and can update their information by simply logging in to Parent Connect. Select Back to School Registration and Emergency Form Update in the top right hand corner of the page and follow the directions. Please complete it by August 16 so your student will be able to access their schedule in Student Connect. If you do not know your Parent Connect login information, please contact staff in the DHS office at 313.827.1600 between 7:00 AM and 3:00 PM. Staff will also be available to assist you in the DHS Media Center on August 22.

The bad news is that this can only be done on a desktop or laptop computer. It cannot be done in a phone browser.

The good news is school starts Monday, August 26! We look forward to a great school year!