Dearborn High School

First Days of School


We’re all excited, eager, and a little bit anxious to begin the school year knowing that this year will truly be unique. I wanted to share a few details about the beginning of the school year for your planning. More information will follow, so please check your emails regularly. Student schedules should be available by August 31st. Please make sure to check your Parent or StudentConnect then to get them. 

If you haven’t already, please check your ParentConnect and update your information for this current school year. Because all of us are beginning the year online, it is very important for us to have the correct information for you and your child. You child may be delayed in getting their schedule if that information is not updated.

To make sure that students have materials and resources needed for this school year, during the week of August 31st we will be running a required drive thru pick-up for all students. Students will get a welcome packet, chromebook if they need one, and materials for their classes. Please plan on arriving during your set time by the beginning letter of your last name; if you are unable to make it during your set time, try to be here when your assigned grade level is here. 

August 31st, 9th Grade 8:30-9:30 A-B 9:30-10:30 C-L 10:30-11:30 M-Z

September 1st, 10th Grade 8:30-9:30 A-B 9:30-10:30 C-L 10:30-11:30 M-Z

September 2nd, 11th Grade 8:30-9:30 A-B 9:30-10:30 C-L 10:30-11:30 M-Z

September 3rd, 12th Grade 8:30-9:30 A-B 9:30-10:30 C-L 10:30-11:30 M-Z

This year, every staff member in the district will be using the learning platform, Schoology to do everything school related and Zoom for live virtual meetings. We will be focusing on using Schoology and Zoom to begin the year and will make every effort to get students and parents training to help; that information will be coming soon.

Lastly, we included the schedule for instruction for the year; plan on being live virtually from 12-3:10 everyday as attendance will be taken.  For the week beginning August 31st, students will receive directions and an assignment in their emails for what they will be working on independently. Starting September 8th, we are hoping that teachers will be able to meet with students during the live virtual times using Zoom. We will follow up with more specific directions as we get closer to those dates.


Mr. Martin