Dearborn High School

A Message from our SRO

Good morning Dearborn High.

This is Officer Hanson, your School Resource Officer speaking.
I’m coming to you this morning with a somber message that I take no joy in delivering. It has
always been my goal as a police officer in the schools to provide safety and security to both staff
and students. It has also been my goal to avoid sending students into the criminal justice system at
all costs. I feel like over my 11 years as the officer in this this building; I have accomplished those
goals by working closely with the administration team, staff, parents and students.

Unfortunately, the start of this school year has brought challenges unlike any I or this school
administration had ever expected. The amount of fights, disorderly conduct and disruptive and
disrespectful behavior we have seen in the first full month of school has been shocking and
disappointing to say the least.

With the events that unfolded during and after the homecoming dance and on Monday morning,
the administration and I have been left wondering how we can change this culture of fights that are
breaking out for any disagreement, bump in the hallway, or comment that may be quote-unquote
disrespectful. Any of these should not result in violence, but here we are.

You may have noticed as you were arriving to school this morning extra police and security
presence in the parking lots and around the school. This was done to reassure both staff and
students that we are taking these issues seriously and we are committed to providing safety to the
entire Pioneer community. The extra presence will continue for the remainder of the week and
longer if necessary.

With all that said, effective immediately, any students who engage in a fight in the school, on
school property or in the community will be issued a ticket or referred to the Wayne County
Juvenile Court for their actions. The type of ticket issued, whether assault or disorderly conduct,
will be dependent on the circumstances surrounding the incident.

For those who will want to say, “It was self-defense” in regards to fighting, I would strongly
encourage you to look up what that actually means in the eyes of the law. If you have any
questions about that, please talk to me or someone with legal knowledge.

I want to close with this. To all the students who come to school every day, who are doing all the
right things in this building and at home, we see you. To all the students who are respectful to the
teachers and staff members, who clean up their tables in the lunchroom and get to class on time, we
see you. To all the students who stay away from the drama, who follow the basic rules of the
school and community, we see you. Please know, this message is not for you. If fact, on behalf of
the DHS administration and staff in this building and the Citizens of Dearborn, I thank you for
your efforts and hope you will continue to be the leaders that you are.

It is my sincere hope that going forward, I do not have to issue one single ticket the rest of the
school year, including any for driving offenses. This, of course, will all depend on you and I hope
and pray you all will make the right choices. As always, if you have any questions or concerns,
please reach out to me or any of the DHS staff members and we will assist you to the best of our

Thank you for your time and enjoy the rest of your day, Pioneers.

Corporal Hanson