Dearborn High School

Principal Student Advisory Council

We had our first Principal Student Advisory Council meeting at DHS yesterday. The goal of the PSAC is to provide leadership opportunities for 10th, 11th and 12th grade students with a focus on community service, social issues that impact their education, our school and overall district related concerns. Meetings take place once a month for one hour at school.
Another goal is  to foster learning that develops student leaders who are empathetic, kind and compassionate. I recognize the importance of student leadership and have expanded the concept to include students from DHS to meet and collaborate with me.

Like the high school students who are members of the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council (SSAC) with Dr. Maleyko, students in PSAC will experience working together to make our school a kind and safe place to learn. 

Yesterday, we focused on getting to know one another, discussed what student voice is, we spoke about how to have constructive and meaningful dialogue and started the conversation around our focus areas. I have a diverse group of 21 DHS students that went through an application process. These students were chosen from a wider pool of students who applied. Below are some photos of this great group of students in action. I’m so excited to continue my work with this group of students for the betterment of DHS.