Dearborn High School

Mary Kubicek

Events Planned to Welcome Next Year’s Freshmen

Edsel Ford High, Dearborn High and Fordson High are planning events to introduce next year’s ninth grade students to their future schools. Eighth graders and their parents across the district are invited to attend the event at the child’s future school, even if those...

Cap & Gown Order Deadline

Jostens Select Graduation to shop for packages or select Shop Now to order individual items for graduation. All caps and gowns will ship directly to DHS. All other items ship home.

Scholarships Available

 The Dearborn Education Foundation has 16 scholarships available to students that attend Dearborn Public Schools. Click the link below for more information. The application deadline for all scholarships is March 31. Dearborn Education Foundation...

Masks Optional in Dearborn Public Schools

Dearborn Schools to lift mask mandate on Feb. 23  Face masks will become optional for all students and staff inside Dearborn Public Schools starting on Wednesday, Feb. 23 as students return from mid-winter break. Under federal law, masks will still be required on...